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flashed Sony Xperia SP

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# Steps to flash microG LineageOS on Sony Xperia SP
download latest TWRP image from
download latest lineageOS from
rename TWRP image to recovery.img
## Unlock the Bootloader / OEM
enable developer options
enable USB debugging in developer options
allow USB debugging access for your PC
unlock bootloader:
## Flash TWRP
`adb reboot bootloader`
wait until bootloader mode is active: blue LED
fastboot flash boot recovery.img
fastboot reboot
## Flash LineageOS
First boot into the recovery mode:
* Either with adb: adb reboot recovery
* Or with the recovery mode key combination of your device.
* Note: this is not the same combination for the download mode.
Then go to Wipe + Advanced Wipe to wipe the following partitions:
* System
* Data
* Cache
* Dalvik
Then go to Advanced/ADB Sideload, swipe to the right, and execute adb sideload on your computer.
* When it shows `adb: failed to read command: Success` on the PC, and `Exit code: 1.000000` in TWRP, it has suceeded.
Reboot to start LineageOS!