Build a small CLI for sipgate REST API as part of my very own file system
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Sipgate CLI

This is a small hack to send faxes via the sipgate REST API from the command line.


Install jq.

Add your login credentials to and rename the file to .env

If you use Letterheads Address database, uncomment the last line of that file and add your/path/to/Letterhead


./ <letter.pdf> <recipient> with a german fax number <recipient>

./ <letter.pdf> -handle <handle> asks Letterhead's address database for 's fax number.

./ -help prints usage Message and exits

sipgate doesn't accept pdf files larger than 30 pages or 10MB.

For now, <recipient> has to be numbers-only, starting with +49. It is planned to parse different number formats. Should be done. Spaces in filename seem to make trouble at the moment - avoid them. Spaces in filenames are difficult. No guarantee, but should be handled now. shows ID, Date and Status of the last ten fax set from this device. just gives your account balance. [options] [id] loads the report of a given fax id (as shown by If no id ist given, it takes the last fax sent from this machine.


  • -p to only print and not save the report
  • -d to delete the given id from .fax_history



alias fax="/your/path/to/this/project/"
alias faxstatus="/your/path/to/this/project/"
alias faxbalance="/your/path/to/this/project/"
# The following is obsolete, but for documentation/compatibility reasons:
fax-from-handle () { fax $1 "$(/your/path/to/this/project/Letterhead/Adressen/ -f $2)"; }

into your .bashrc or .bash_aliases