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CCCongress Info channels

This document collects all the outlets you might be interested in when following the Chaos Communication Congress Event series as it happens or in between the events to stay in the loop. Did I miss something? Please send a pull request or ping @MacLemon to add it for you. Thanks!


Please use local DECT/GSM/SIP/… for calls, otherwise you might reach public emergency services which usually take longer to respond, are not used to our communities habits and generally do not know where "Geraffelvillage" is. If you do not carry a DECT ask at a bar, entry/exit, infodesk or people with angel-badges.

  • Security: 110
  • CERT (Fire, Medical): 112
  • Awareness-Team: 113
  • Autism care: 1199




Many CCC Events record videos of the given lectures and some event offer live streaming. Both is valid for Chaos Communication Congress.




There is a list containing all the C3 associated Twitter accounts maintained by [@c3checklist].


You can contact some of the organizing teams via email. Please note that this makes mostly sense before and after the event, not during. Contact addresses are listed in the event wiki.